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Dive with the author and  get a complementary copy of "Cozumel Natural Treasure" 

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Eagle ray season!

Amazing encounters during winter time in Cozumel 

hawksbill turtle 

Get to know more about this unique spongivore animal that feed on Cozumel Reefs

simone rossini 

it all started with one dive

I start diving in Cozumel in 1989, the ocean become my life, today, i still share this thrilling experience with new clients and friends, as the first day.


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the drift diving world's capital

2 dives/  full gear included $99usd

Marina Caleta Convenient location.
Daily departure time 9:00am.
Dive trip includes 2 dives of 75 minutes each, onboard fresh prepared Mexican lunch and National Marine Park fee.
If diving multiple days with your own gear, we offer all of the above plus free regulator check and free gear care and storage.

experience the "flying  like "sensation

Fun-filled dives in Cozumel, Mexico.

Experience the flying  like sensation while diving in cristal clear waters of light and colors. 

Glide along spectacular deep walls and beautiful shallow reefs, explore caverns and tunnels of giant coral formations teemed with amazing marine life. 

Dangerous deeply addictive!

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